Who's Coming

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Team Name Age Bracket Head Coach Participating Association/City Paid  
Texas Stampede 06U All-Star Luis Fernandez Mesquite Paid
Colleyville Heidemann 13/14U All-Star Michael Heidemann Colleyville Paid
Flower Mound Viera 13/14U All-Star Fernando Viera Flower Mound Paid
TCR McClain 11/12U All-Star Becky McClain TCR Paid
Southlake Wilson 11/12U All-Star Travis Wilson Southlake Paid
Southlake Knutz 08U All-Star Jonathan Knutz Southlake Paid
Aledo Rodgers 10U All-Star Craig Rodgers Aledo Paid
Corinth Gonzalez 11/12U All-Star Adrian Gonzalez Corinth Paid
Grapevine Crowder 07U All-Star Clint Crowder Grapevine Paid
Corinth McBride 13/14U All-Star Jim McBride Corinth Paid
Flower Mound Perkins 11/12U All-Star Jeremiah Perkins Flower Mound Paid
Southlake Johnson 13/14U All-Star Russell Johnson Southlake Paid
Keller Allen 10U All-Star Lance Allen Keller Paid
Coppell Lingenbrink 08U All-Star Matthew Lingenbrink Coppell Paid
Southlake Whiteley 07U All-Star Shad Whiteley Southlake Paid
Justin Drinkard 08U All-Star Troy Drinkard Justin Paid
Keller Henry 10U All-Star Chris Henry Keller Paid
Coppell Ricketts 10U All-Star Shelby Ricketts Coppell Paid
Southlake Shortnacy 08U All-Star Jason Shortnacy Southlake Paid
Southlake Odette 07U All-Star Philip Odette Southlake Paid
Southlake Cranford 08U All-Star Austin Cranford Southlake Paid
Keller Hood 11/12U All-Star Eric Hood Keller Paid
Aledo Wooten 09U All-Star Patrick Wooten Aledo Paid
Corinth Mullins 07U All-Star Brandon Mullins Corinth Paid
TCR Castillo 06U All-Star Juan Castillo Trophy Club Paid
Grapevine Fisher 08U All-Star Ken Fisher Grapevine Paid
Flower Mound Harrolle 09U All-Star Brent Harrolle Flower Mound Paid
Justin Bond 11/12U All-Star Collin Bond Justin Paid
Southlake Reimer 09U All-Star Joe Reimer Southlake Paid
Prosper Hampton 08U All-Star John Hampton Prosper Paid
Corinth Thompson 09U All-Star Bryan Thompson Corinth Paid
NTX Haslet Laymance 10U All-Star Kenny Laymance Haslet Paid
Arlington Page 08U All-Star John Page Arlington Paid
Grapevine Ahmann 11/12U All-Star Jerry Ahmann Grapevine Paid
Corinth Salinas 10U All-Star Greg Salinas Corinth Paid
Flower Mound Copeland 07U All-Star Tim Copeland Flower Mound Paid
Flower Mound Callison 07U All-Star Greg Callison Flower Mound Paid
HV Rogers 08U All-Star Bo Rogers Highland Village Paid
Colleyville Stewart 06U All-Star Brian Stewart Colleyville Paid
TCR Dillard 07U All-Star Johnny Dillard Trophy Club Paid
TCR Gil 06U All-Star Anthony Gil Trophy Club Paid
Aledo Shepard 11/12U All-Star Shephard Aledo Paid
HVA Franks 13/14U All-Star Chris Franks Denton Paid
Flower Mound Rasmussen 09U All-Star Tanner Rasmussen Flower Mound Paid
Keller France 07U All-Star Robert France Keller Paid
Coppell Hostenske 07U All-Star Scott Hostenske Coppell Paid
Grapevine Evans 10U All-Star Aric Evans Grapevine Paid
Keller Eggleton 06U All-Star Mike Eggleton Keller Paid
TCR Crick 10U All-Star Cameron Crick Trophy Club Paid
Coppell Miller 09U All-Star Chuck Miller Coppell Paid
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